Palermo / 2005

This apartment house, built between party walls, (develops in 4 levels), a basement, and an open first floor, on an extremely long lot measuring 70 X 8.66 mts (approx. 230 X 28 feet)..It holds three spacious flats, with a central patio dividing the two front apartments from the one in the back. In this way, two differentiated volumes give the building its character, removed from the ground and connected to it through bridges and ladders.

There were several challenges to be met, given the dimensions of the lot:, we had to adapt the surface to the building code, create independent accesses, and produce apartments which feel like individual dwellings.

The common spaces in each apartment (living room, kitchen, terraces and patios) were developed on the same level as the accesses, while the private spaces were located on the top floors. The project’s guiding idea was the creation of wide and simple spaces, so as to forget the lot’s narrowness, typical of our city.